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Deer Velvet extract

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Deer velvet antler is the growing stage of the horns of male members of the deer family. Velvet antler is living tissue that grows at a very fast rate of up to 2 cm per day in some species. It is the only mammalian organ that regenerates like this.
Deer Velvet is one of nature’s greatest remedies and is a superior natural source for growth factors. Recent research conducted on the chemistry, pharmacology, and use of velvet antler extracts in Korea, China, and Russia, showed that deer velvet demonstrated a great ability to assist in a process of regenerating new tissue and have anti-aging benefits when applied topically.
In our formulas we use deer velvet extract harvested by New Zealand farms which operate under the strict control of the New Zealand Government's Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. The male deer sheds antler each year, and in this respect the harvesting of velvet antler is the modification of a natural event.

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