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Most skin-care products have a limited ability to penetrate the epidermis. Avitalin formulas are transdermally active. Through our advanced delivery system, Avitalin's ingredients are successfully transported in high concentrations to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

All ingredients in Avitalin formulas have reparative, therapeutic, and protective benefits for the epidermis.
The key to the effectiveness of Avitalin formulas is cellular nutrition.

Avitalin products enhance the health of the skin in the same way a healthy diet and nutritional supplements support the entire body. Our strategy is to maintain a balanced regimen by rotating a variety of ingredients and vitamins, providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs to achieve optimal skin health.

All ingredients in Avitalin formulas work in harmony to achieve four important goals:

  • Restore blood circulation and improve healthy skin function

  • Increase hydration level

  • Protect from free radicals and environmental damage

  • Firm the contours of the face by improving the elasticity of the skin

Through all of these components, Avitalin's powerful formulas stimulate healing and self-repair, strengthen the skin's immune system, and fight the visible signs of damage and aging.

After only a few weeks of using Avitalin, you will see and feel wonderful results. Your skin will be well nourished, deeply hydrated, and smooth textured, and you will have a healthy, glowing appearance.

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