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The Story of Avitalin™

About Us

The story behind Avitalin products is simple. Several factors led Marina Volod to develop this new skin-care line. First, it was a logical response to the daily challenges she addressed in her own clinic. She felt strongly that the products she was using were not sufficient and did not provide the best skin care and skin nutrition for her clients. Second, she developed the Avitalin product line to complement the advanced, innovative skin treatments for which her clinic is known. Avitalin gives her the tools to achieve unparalleled, long-lasting results in the process of achieving healthy and vibrant skin, not only for her own clients but for all men and women who are concerned with their skin's wellness.

Marina's extensive, long-term research on cosmetic ingredients reveals that many professional skin care products contain chemicals known to be mutagenic and carcinogenic. Studies have shown that 60 percent of the chemicals in skin-care products enter the bloodstream directly through the skin, just as medicine is administered through skin patches. Marina realized it was necessary to create her own formulas in order to provide her clients with skin-care products that would protect their health as well as their skin.

The Avitalin skin-care line reflects Marina's philosophy of what a good skin care product should be. The nutrient-rich formulas utilize advanced anti-aging technology and, equally important, they contain no harmful chemicals. Avitalin products nourish the skin's protective barrier, improve the overall health of the skin, and preserve the skin's youthful appearance with long-lasting results.

Through research and travel, Marina has studied folk remedies all over the world. This knowledge, combined with her expertise in new, scientifically developed cosmeceuticals that increase the power of skin-care formulas, led her to create the unique BioMiracle Age Defense Complex™ (patent pending), a core feature of several Avitalin products. Utilizing the work of recognized Russian and Indian scientists on healing of the body, Marina performed her own research and testing of all ingredients in this complex to determine their anti-aging, nutritive, and healing properties when applied topically to the skin.

The results exceeded all expectations. BioMiracle Age Defense Complex™ is an incomparable formula, a combination of bioactive proteins, marine cell activators, ancient Russian and Indian herbal extract blends, and rare raisins in purified form -- all with powerful healing and regenerating abilities when applied topically.

Marina is the creative force behind each Avitalin formula and is actively involved in selecting the ingredients, though she is not a cosmetic formulator. She works closely with a number of cosmetic formulators who manufacture Avitalin in small batches in private laboratories.

Avitalin is a long-awaited creation, the culmination of Marina's quest to preserve the skin's inner beauty, health, and longevity with the safest, most comprehensive and advanced ingredients available in the skin care market today.

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