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The Science

In the early stages of Avitalin's development, Marina discovered the scientific research of Dr. Albert Kligman, the renowned dermatologist and scientist who made important advances in corneotherapy and coined the term. Corneotherapy is a method of repairing the stratum corneum, the horny outermost layer of the epidermis, in order to improve the function of the deeper skin layers and prevent premature skin aging.

For a long time, the outermost, surface layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, was thought to be just a layer of dead cells. However, research has shown that the stratum corneum is actually a biologically active tissue and play an important role of the skin barrier. A healthy and well-functioning skin barrier provides protection against dehydration, allergens, irritants, radicals, radiation, and the penetration of germs. This multifaceted protection supports a gradual reduction in inflammation and other skin problems because an intact skin barrier repels external causative agents.

Dr. Kligman scientifically proved that certain topically applied cosmetic ingredients influence the biochemistry of the stratum corneum, either supporting or destroying the skin barrier. He also proved that with the appropriate skin-care products and ingredients, the health of the skin barrier could be restored, resulting in younger and healthier skin.

Corneotherapy became a cornerstone of the philosophy of Avitalin™. For this superior skin-care line, Marina has selected ingredients that effectively promote a healthy skin barrier and accelerate the skin's recovery from external aggressors. She has avoided harsh chemicals, perfumes, mineral oil, and parabens because these common allergens negatively affect normal cellular respiration and, in high concentrations, skin renegeration. All ingredients in Avitalin™ formulas help strengthen and support the skin barrier.

The three basic strategies of corneotherapy are prevention, protection, and individualized care. We view prevention as an essential part of everyday skin care, and our formulas contain no harmful or toxic ingredients. Each Avitalin formula contains a sufficient presence of barrier-supporting oils and topical vitamins to provide nourishing protection for healthy, well-functioning skin. The ingredients in Avitalin are also effective in reducing symptoms of skin irritation and inflammation. These strategies work to noticeably improve skin health and delay the aging process.

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