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At Avitalin, we know Nature is our most powerful ally. Plants and herbs have an amazing ability to transform damaged skin and restore its youthfulness. Yet science is the catalyst for ingenious combinations that have a profound effect on our skin. The synergy of nature and science enables Avitalin to bring the skin to a state of optimum health and beauty.

Avitalin products feature nourishing oils, floral waters, plant extracts, essential oils, purified rare raisins, and therapeutic blends of herbal extracts whose benefits have been proved over the centuries. These and other natural ingredients restore healthy function, boost the skin's immune system, and help the skin retain moisture.

We also rely on the safest, most advanced cosmeceuticals to create superior nutritive complexes with a high concentration of scientifically enhanced vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and bioactive proteins. These ingredients play a vital role in improving the skin's health and appearance.

All Avitalin ingredients promote skin barrier repair. It's easy to understand why this is so important. The outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, serves as our first line of defense. It protects us from bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful organisms and toxins. Avitalin's specially created lipid protective blends match the lipids in our skin, strengthening the skin's natural defenses to environmental and emotional stressors. All our ingredients are selected according to the skin barrier repair principle.

Through the synergy of Nature and Science, Avitalin constantly nourishes, repairs, and supports the skin as it replenishes the skin barrier. Avitalin assures lasting results in the process of attaining healthy, ageless skin.

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